Levi DeHaan




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Healthpointe Solutions - AI Healthcare                                03/2021 – Current

Director - Cloud Infrastructure

Enable Data Consulting                                        10/2018 – 03/2021

Sr. Systems Architect

Nielsen ( Contracted through Oxford )                                        02/ 2018 – 9/2018

Sr. DevOps Architect specializing in Kubernetes

De Haan Consulting, LTD                                        Oct 2012 – Current

Sr. Systems Administrator / Sr. DevOps Manager / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality


Recent Clients:

VR Garage- Jan 2017-Feb 2018

RG is building a toolset that enables users to easily create VR video / image / 3D model experiences using our web based platform.

I designed the first Unity VR Concept at the beginning, and a team of developers took it to its conclusion. While they were working on that I spearheaded the web based experience. My team and I built it out using JHipster microservices and A-Frame.

I designed the backend services of the platform around fabric8 running on kubernetes. It's a very performant system and has enabled us to easily add to our engineering team with very little ramp up time (our newest guy was fully setup with full ide integration with all the projects and cluster within a day).

One of the huge benefits of microservices and clustering is the ability to dynamically scale services up and down to keep the cluster balanced and requiring far fewer machines, the cluster is only costing a 120 a month on linode servers, but is running a full toolstack and production ready services with blue green jenkins pipelines, full integration between services, such as a image processing service that converts all 360 images between mono and stereo, resizes based on bandwidth, etc..

I was able to design everything from the ground up, which is a rare and fun occurrence..

Simple Energy- Jan 2017 - April 2017

Simple Energy08/ 2015 – 04/2017

DevOps Manager

Promet Source01/ 2015 – 07/ 2015

Sr. Developer / Sr. Systems Administrator / DevOps Manager

Apex Systems/Time Warner                                            05/ 2014 – 11/2014

Systems Administrator/DevOps Engineer

De Haan Consulting, LTD                                                10 / 2012 - Current

Team Lead / Software Architect / Sr. Programmer/ Sr. Systems Administrator / System Architect

Feb - April 2013

I worked with a company based out of Omaha as a JavaScript expert consultant. The job was rescuing a failing project before it was shut down.

The project was a Java platform serving a javascript frontend. One of the core problems were the programmers who initially wrote the first iterations of the product. They were writing javascript like Java code. After a couple sessions discussing the current code structure, its issues, and what we could do about them we created policies to streamline the process, and a timeline to fix the bugs and submitted them to the executives for approval. They did not want to move forward with the changes and after transitioning out, the project was shut down due to system failure.

Jan – Feb 2013

I worked with a company called WeatherCloud to develop an android application that connects to several bluetooth transmitters affixed to cars and converts and processes that data within a second to show real time stats to the driver.

The application was written using apache cordova and angular.js for the frontend. I wrote a bluetooth LE plugin for cordova to allow for the fastest transfer of data from the devices without slowing the phone down too much.

The first iteration of the project was a success and I delivered an alpha to them to show to investors.

Nov - Dec 2013

I worked with a company called o2o developing a yellow pages type application for argentina. It was written in php using a customized framework developed by o2o. The task I was given was to introduce a better onboarding process for new programmers, to integrate Docker into the development workflow, and the rest of my duties were to write customized modules for the framework and the frontend in javascript.

I was able to design and build an onboarding platform using Docker and Vagrant to get new programmers ready to code immediately. Allowing them time to go and change things in the framework without breaking our development servers copy.

The introduction of Docker was very helpful in providing a clean image that could be pushed to testing, and then production without the hassle of setting up all the needed services and specific versions of packages needed by the framework.

Oct - May 2012

I worked with a company called Pearson Education developing a customized javascript framework so they could easily write frontend applications for their student portal. Initially I started out writing it myself, as the project progressed my team grew, and we implemented agile methodologies to improve our workflow. We had to design and implement an entire stack from the backend server architecture using node.js to the front end framework which the company named Pearson.js. We also had to provide documentation and training to the individuals who would be taking our place and so we designed our framework to be as user friendly as possible by extrapolating the complexities and taking care of them in our framework.

appendTo, LLC                                                        07 / 2010 - 09 / 2012

Sr. Programmer / Systems Administrator

Springs Hosting                                                 01 / 2010 - 07 / 2010

Programmer / Systems Administrator

Monarch Digital                                                 04 / 2009 - 11 / 2009

Application Developer/Sys Admin/Web 2.0 Programmer

Keystone Symposia                                                04 / 2008 - 11 / 2008

Web Designer / Systems Analyst

I worked on the web platform which was written in cfml, at the time a new language for me. I caught on quickly and started closing tickets. My primary job was to assist the senior programmers with basic tasks until I learned enough to start working on more complex systems.

Rof.net                                                                03 / 2006 - 03 / 2007


I was hired to do customer tech support and wireless installations. We got so many calls about web design that I finally convinced my boss to let me start building websites. I'd already done a few for CMC using php and so I went from support to web development. My first client's website is still up and running and I built it using one of the earlier versions of drupal.

DeHaan Design and Development                                01 / 1996 - 05 / 2010

Application Developer/Systems Administrator Consultant

We focused on our customers' needs and delivered a product that goes above and beyond their expectations. We understood that money is hard to come by in this recession. We created many solutions for our customers to help ease the financial strains. We didn't stop at just providing a site, application or service. We also wanted to help our customers build their customer base by creating solutions that helped them attract business and meet their customer's needs.


Colorado Mountain College

2004 - 2007

I took classes for programming, writing, and math. I was thinking about getting a degree but ended up starting a company writing software for local nonprofits and local businesses.

High School


I started attending college classes at 13, mostly programming and networking classes. I was hired as a system administrator for all the campuses when I was 15 after taking the cisco networking academy and becoming a TA.