Levi's experience from a diverse set of roles has taught him to be a fast learner, versatile thinker, and excellent teacher. Here are some examples of his achievements:
Recent Corporate Projects
Levi has designed/developed/worked on a wide variety of tools and services:

  • Terraform Manager

    Terraform manager is a tool that allows a user to stack terraform jobs using a gui interface and then execute them in sequence.

  • Terramatcher

    Terramatcher is a tool that pulls your external infrastructure and matches it against your terraform state files. It alerts when machines are missing or when there are machines that shouldn't be there.

  • Scan Launcher

    An application that launches a java application in a docker container into ECS and watches the jobs until they complete. There is a graphical user interface where you can view jobs being created, running, and completing. There is a job creation UI and a tuning area for managing scale. And ways to track the output of the application.

Recent Personal Projects
Levi is constantly expanding his knowledge in his various fields by working on personal technologist projects in his spare time. Below are some examples of what he has recently been working on:

  • CharaSpeak.Ai Game Story Tool

    A tool that uses LLM's and other ML models to create Storylines, characters, voices, and images for your games in Unity 3D.

  • Machine Learning Trading tools (python)

    I've always been into automated trading, and I've built several tools to help me make decsions and several tools for automated trading. Mostly I pull data from several sources depending on the ticker that's being tracked. The data is parsed and sent to a mongodb instance where i pull data in a queue to process articles and information with machine learning tools to get things like sentiment, and various other estimations using several TA libraries output from OHLVC data and output from models. Once I have some time to split things out I will be putting some of these tools out for others to modify and use.

  • DevOps tools - Local edition

    There are several tools i have built for a whole range of things. I will be putting some of them out for others to use on my site. These tools are mostly scripts that i have created to do things like make different sized videos, or how to create a spdx contract. I have them all over the site, you just have to look to find them.

  • Self-hosted personal website

    As you can see, this website has been designed by me. It uses the express.js framework, with Pug templates.